Why Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tested?

Diesel exhaust fluid, otherwise known as DEF, is a liquid solution that helps protect you by breaking down nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, which are harmful chemicals alone. Diesel exhaust fluid uses agents to reduce those chemicals to simply water and nitrogen, nullifying any danger that they pose to you and our vehicle. But how exactly does this work? Diesel exhaust fluid uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce the NOx (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide) emissions, which come naturally with diesel engines. The chemicals in the diesel exhaust fluid soon become ammonia, which nullifies the NOx. From there, your vehicle is now safe. It does not only help you, but it helps the atmosphere too! If NOx were released unregulated into the air, it would serve no other purpose than a dangerous pollutant. 

Published 10 March 2015

Why Choose Amalgatech?

Amalgatech is a company that currently stands at the frontier of analytical fluid testing technology. In a day and age in which we are relying more heavily on fuel to power our vehicles, it is important that there are companies that make sure our fuel is safe to use. This is especially important with high quality diesel engines. Sometimes we take diesel engines and exhaust for granted, but there is a complex chemical science behind it all, and Amalgatech is a company that has over thirty years of experience in this field. They understand the changing technology as well as the rapidly changing American economy. 

Published 3 March 2015