Why Choose Amalgatech?

Published 3 March 2015

Amalgatech is a company that currently stands at the frontier of analytical fluid testing technology. In a day and age in which we are relying more heavily on fuel to power our vehicles, it is important that there are companies that make sure our fuel is safe to use. This is especially important with high quality diesel engines. Sometimes we take diesel engines and exhaust for granted, but there is a complex chemical science behind it all, and Amalgatech is a company that has over thirty years of experience in this field. They understand the changing technology as well as the rapidly changing American economy.

As fuel is burnt, it is then released through the exhaust. Improper engines may release fuel that has not been properly burnt. Improper diesel exhaust fluid may release toxic chemicals, such as nitric oxide or nitrogen dioxide (NOx). Amalgatech is committed to making our fuel as safe as possible for both the environment, by preventing dangerous pollutants from being released into the air, and you. The team at Amalgatech uses an advanced method called selective catalytic reduction (or SCR) in order to reduce NOx emissions into the air; without standard regulation of these chemicals, it could pose an even greater danger to our atmosphere.

Amalgatech specializes in work associated with diesel exhaust fluid, an essential component to your engine and exhaust. In the exhaust pipeline, diesel exhaust fluid helps break down dangerous chemicals by converting into carbon dioxide and ammonia. This chemical breakdown nullifies the danger that nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide can pose to you. The main chemical involved in this reaction are NH3 (ammonia), which breaks the nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide down into N2 (nitrogen) and water (H20). After this reaction, all of the chemicals are expelled through the exhaust harmlessly.

Amalgatech has spent over thirty years working with testing for specialized fluids in their laboratories. While diesel exhaust fluid testing is their central concern, they also perform a number of other tests. This includes testing on engine coolant fluids, other fuels, lubricants, and even HVAC fluids (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). The company keeps up with the changing world. There is a focus today on cleaner and safer fuel, and Amalgatech keeps up with updated standards to make sure that our special fluids are the most economically and environmentally efficient as possible. With changing regulations, Amalgatech changes its testing methods to meet ISO expectations (International Organization for Standardization). This means that Amalgatech works with “clean diesel” in an effort to reduce the release of harmful chemicals into our atmosphere; if we are going to use fuel, we might as well use it safely. In addition, improper diesel exhaust fluid can lead to the shut down of your vehicle, which could put you into some sticky situations. Amalgatech, however, will fulfill all of your diesel testing needs and make sure that your vehicle is ready to hit the road running. Amalgatech’s years of experience in this field make them an ideal company for you to go to!